Full Buyer Advocacy Service

Sit back, grab a notebook and let me tell you about how we can help. As a mother of two teenage girls I pride myself on helping my clients to find a safe and secure home. A home that’s comfortable yet also provides you with financial security. So while buying your home through us may take a little longer, we know that when you find it you will be happy with the choice you’ve made. We start by researching a specific selection of suburbs for you and talking to numerous agents. We conduct on the ground inspections of countless properties and assess the viability of each property from a capital growth point of view. From here we will advise you on the ideal property that’s likely to give you the best return & still be a very warm & inviting home. We don’t assume to know exactly what you want but we do listen and take a considerable amount of care and attention to make sure we find the right home for you.


Hand in Hand Approach

Don’t get lost in the mist of buying a home by going from one place to the next and constantly being told it is a good buy and you should act now. Instead have us on hand to guide you along your home buying path so you don’t lose your way. Here we work closely with you. Every step you take we will be there to advise you and assist you. You might find the property, you might even inspect it first, however we will also be there guiding you along the way. We will come in and make sure the home you like, is the right property in the right location that is also a good financial decision. We will assess the property to ensure it is in a location that is growing and improving. You will still do a lot of the ground work, but we work as your support person to help you work through any concerns. We will also handle the negotiations for you. This helps you to save you money and the stress of potentially paying too much or making the wrong decision.

Bid &/or Negotiate

When buying property in Melbourne it can be hard to know what you should pay for a property or even the right way to bid or negotiate for a property. Prices are incredibly unpredictable at times and despite the agent telling you, you have bought well, you want to actually make sure you do. And it’s not just the price, it’s the conditions too. Nowadays contracts are loaded with all kinds of conditions so before you get us to bid or negotiate for you, make sure you have had the contract reviewed by a solicitor or conveyancer. And remember as well to get a pest and building inspection done. Then when you are ready to bid and negotiate reach out to us to help with the negotiation, as we can save you from what could be a very costly mistake.


Client Testimonial:I am so very glad I decided to engage Melinda to help me purchase my place.I  initially thought I could do it on my own, as I had in past, but it seemed like a different playing field. I looked at about 10 properties,over 8 weeks, they were all good in their own way. Melinda provided very good guidance around location and quality. I felt very well supported by Melinda in the process, from go to whoa…she provided good advice around value, short and long term. I felt supported every step of the way…it’s such a relief! No need for second guessing, as Melinda very much had my back! Buying a property is the biggest investment i’ve made. and i”m so very glad to have Melinda guiding the process = super highly recommended!”

Britt-Bought her first investment property in Alphington